The Harms of Smoking

Smoking is among the factors that threaten human health with its intense use today. This threat to many people I want to quit smoking It is stumped. Smokers accordingly What are the harm of smoking they want to get detailed information.

Cigaret propylene glycol, hydrogen cyanide It includes more than 4,000 chemicals. These chemicals affect all health in the deepest way. However, smoking has a highly carcinogenic effect; it can cause many diseases that result in death. Health hazards of smoking it also affects the person socially and economically. You also What are the harm of smoking if you are wondering the harm of smoking in substances!

What are the damages of smoking?

The hazards of smoking is quite a lot. Request the harm of smoking in substances:

● There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes; More than 80 of these chemicals have cancer-causing properties.
● Smoking is a trigger for chronic bronchitis.
● Research is that smoking during the pregnancy directly affects the baby.
● Smoking causes loss of sense of smell.
● Located inside the cigarette carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar such substances cause lung cancer.
● Located inside the cigarette carbon monoxide destroys oxygen in the blood. This causes cholesterol storage in the vessels. This is the potential risk of a heart attack.
Smoking increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.
● Smokers have more nail breakage.
● Erection decreases, impotence increases.
● Smokers constantly feel tired.
● Smoking makes the person addicted just like other addictive substances.
● Studies show that smoking women experience early menopause.
● Smoking causes yellowing of the fingers and fingers.
● Intense bad breath occurs in smokers.
● Insufficient fertilization is observed in smokers.
● Dental and gum diseases are manifested in smokers.
● Smoking affects the person socially.
● Smokers experience skin deterioration and wrinkles after a while.
● Smokers' sense of taste disappears over time.
● It is seen that women who smoke have high rates of uterine cancer.
● Smokers may experience excessive stress and insomnia.
● Smokers' vocal cords are damaged and their voices are distorted.
● It has been observed that smokers have a higher risk of stroke, compared to non-smokers.
● Diabetes is triggered by influencing the insulin release ability in line with intensive smoking.
● It is observed that the wounds heal hard in smokers.
● Inflammation can be seen in the larynx of the smokers and the breathing tubes.
● Chronic headaches are observed in smokers.
● Various vascular diseases can be seen in the arms and legs of smokers.
● Research shows that smokers have a higher rate of dementia at older ages.
● Diseases such as bleeding, cancer and ulcers can be seen in smokers' stomach and esophagus.
● Known to be caused by smoking cancer types is as follows; pancreas, stomach, liver, kidney, bladder, esophagus, larynx, throat, lips, nose, mouth and lung.

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