8 Important Points to Consider for the Right Shopping

Are there any rules you follow while shopping ? Or do you buy something according to your mind? E.g; When you see something you like while walking on the road, can you be one of those who dive right into the store? Or are you one of those who say “neither the place nor the time at this moment” and continue on the road? Yes, which group do you think you are closer to? So are you one of those who know how to shop right, or are you one of those who try to buy the worlds while they are stopping? You know why I insist so much on these questions? Because which group you are in is among the most important signs that show your shopping style and how successful you are in financial terms .

If you do not know how to make the right shopping , no matter how much money you earn, you can not achieve the success you want financially , you cannot be happy as it is. When you say shopping to be happy, you drag yourself to unhappiness, and then you beat your knees, “When did I go into debt ?  If you do not want to encounter negative results like these, you need to pay attention to certain points while shopping and learn how to make the right shopping right now. Besides, once you grasp the conscious shopping logic, I can say that you will be surprised by how ridiculous shopping you have so far and you will get angry because you have not followed the rules you will learn soon. If you want, let’s begin to examine the shopping tips that you’ve heard before but always throw in the farthest corner of your mind. Let’s start, you can make your next purchase in the best, most logical way possible.

Here are the points that should be considered for those who want to learn “how to do the right shopping”:

Identifying Needs!

Yes, the first thing you need to do for the right shopping is of course to determine your needs! In short, before you go shopping, you need to make a list of needs and go shopping after making sure of your list. You have to get in front of your closet and decide what you don’t have. If you have 10 blouses, you should avoid buying a new one, instead you need to buy something else you will need. When you learn to shop according to your needs, you will see that you shop much less than before and you will be free from buying products that you will never wear. That’s why I say don’t go shopping without a list of needs. As you will have a written list in this way, it will be much easier to restrain your requests.

Awareness of Your Budget!

OK, you have created your needs list, but are you aware of your budget? Do you know how much money you need to spend for? Have you considered your payments during that month? Do you have enough money to save after shopping? Or are you planning to invest whatever you have in your hand in shopping malls? In short, I mean, you should consider your budget when determining your needs. E.g; you are entering winter and you need both boots and coat. But you have to go into debt to get them both in that month. Because you don’t have enough money for two products.

In such cases, you should decide which need is more urgent and leave the other to the next month. After all, instead of going into debt, you can wear your old outdated boots from the previous year, right? This would make much more sense for you. You should not forget to write the maximum amount you can spend for that product against your needs. I am not even talking about the minimum because there is no lower limit for it. The cheaper you buy the product you need, the more profit you will make. Therefore, I say that there should be no conflict between your needs list and your budget. In an other saying; be sure to set off by considering both.

Thinking Logically About Price and Quality!

Another point you should keep in mind for the right shopping is your approach to price and quality. E.g; instead of paying hundreds of lira just for a brand, you can buy a similar product or even the same much cheaper. Of course, provided that you consider the quality! So do not be limited to a store when you go shopping. Therefore, be careful not to shop at times when your time is tight. Make logical comparisons between the products you like by visiting many different stores. Make it a habit to buy the cheapest and the best quality among the products you specify. When you find out about this, you will get rid of regret and see the beauty and cheaper of the product you bought.

Do Not Go Out Of Requirement While Shopping!

Let’s say that you made your list of needs and went shopping with your budget in mind. So how loyal are you to your plan? More precisely, can you stay? So is your eye shifting to almost anything except your need? If you have such a problem, you should produce different solutions. Like what? E.g; You may want to consider taking a friend that you love and who can speak to you. You can give your budget and your needs list to your hands so that you can prevent yourself from going beyond your needs. If you say, “No, now, how much do you need”, you should learn to restrain yourself. As soon as you start looking at different things, you should remember your plan and focus on your needs again. After all; Whatever method you use, but if you really want to learn how to do the right shopping, do not forget this rule.

Using Cash Except for Exceptional Cases!

It is very important to use cash in your purchases in order not to exceed your limits and to limit yourself. You ask why? Let me explain right away. Let’s say you made a list and set the budget for your shopping as 300 lira. But you will use a credit card. Most likely, the limit on your credit card will be much more than you reserve for shopping. Also, sales officers will remember your mind with the sentences such as “+ how many installments do you want, if you complete your shopping so much you can buy this product with such a discount” and you will remove the budget and your list. Because you think you don’t have any money at that moment.

Indeed, no matter who says what, people cannot realize the money they spend while shopping with a credit card. Since you do not understand the amount, it causes your plans to fall into water and you will face a huge deficit in your budget. That’s why I say, make use of cash, except in exceptional cases. When I say exceptional cases, let me state that what I mean is big shopping in terms of quantity. After all, it’s best to always use cash, but in rare cases, you can use a credit card. Please note here: in very rare cases! In short, do not carry any money other than the budget you set aside for your shopping. No credit card! In this way, no matter how much you want, you cannot get out of your budget and as a result, you will not regret when you go home.

Making a Logical Choice!

Making a logical choice is another issue to be considered for the right shopping! What do I want to say with this? Let me explain right away. For example; You have completed your shopping by sticking to your needs list. Let’s say you also paid attention to the price and quality of the products. But how reasonable decisions have you made? E.g; you bought a blouse. Have you thought about what to wear with that blouse? Have you taken into account which pants, which skirt or which shoe you can wear the product with? I do not think so! Because this is exactly what the shopping mistake most people make. After all, you probably can’t find anything to combine the product you bought because of this mistake you made and you will have to go shopping again next month. For precisely this reason, you should adopt a reasonable choice.

When purchasing a product, you should also think about it and stop saying “I wear it anyway.” Or you should not buy products that you like a lot but cannot get into by thinking “I will be weakening anyway”. Because those “whatever they are” are generally in a position to invite unnecessary shopping. After all; You should also consider what you buy, why you buy, what you wear, and how you can wear it. Understanding the right shopping does not mean taking whatever you want and filling your wardrobe with products that will never be worn. For this, you should also consider the next one, and do not bother your valuable money.

Be Careful About Discounts and Campaigns!

Another thing you should do is be careful about discounts and campaigns! You should not be dragged into wrong shopping by bleeding the expressions such as a free, up to 70% discount in 2 areas of the stores. You should keep in mind that all stores that know how effective these are in attracting customers do the same tricks. Of course, this is not true for all campaigns. But if the price of a product on the market that can be up to 50 lira is written on its label, its normal price is 30 lira for its 100 discounted price, you should consider that there might be a number there. So, at what point will you complete your shopping correctly? First of all, you should try to compare the discounted prices you see with the prices of similar products in other stores. If you think that the product is really sold under the market price, then you can easily benefit from the campaign. As a result, thanks to your observation skills and comparisons, you will be able to decide which campaign to take advantage of and how to close your shopping at a price much lower than your budget, so you can return home with a smile.

Not Shopping To Be Happy

This is one of the most important rules of the right shopping! So you have to shop because you really need it, not to be happy. You should never forget that this decision is valid even when you need it, even when you are making your budget properly. So let’s say that during the week you thought that the man was smart and you created your needs list correctly. You made the necessary arrangements in your budget and decided to go shopping at the weekend. However, let’s imagine that you feel bad at the end of the week due to some unexpected events or for no reason. What would you do? Do you put your plan into practice by saying “I am bad but shopping is good anyway” or do you postpone shopping to another time?

Probably; you choose the first option and go shopping to increase your energy. But with this decision, you make a mistake. Because when you feel bad, you don’t know what to buy, you buy products that are not useful at all but look good or vice versa. As a matter of fact, you are trying to be happy. While you have to try different things for this, you are spending money to fulfill your pleasure by making one of the biggest mistakes of shopping. Here you should not do this. If you’re down, you shouldn’t even get a broken pin, try different ways to upgrade your mod instead. You should not go shopping, not only when you are bored, but also when you are too much. After all, stores, discounts do not go anywhere, do they? Since you are not exposed, you can expect to return to normal.