Functional Elegance with Enza Home Corner Sofa Models

L-shaped corner sofa sets, which have a practical, aesthetic and comfortable structure, add a functional touch to your living spaces. Corner sofa sets offered with a wide range of products; The modular additional unit can be equipped with a coffee table, puff and armchair and can be customized as required. Enza Home, which broke new grounds in the production of premium furniture; It meets the expectations of the users with its modern, durable and comfortable corner sofa sets. Minimalist and elegant corner sets make it possible to utilize the smallest areas even more efficiently.

Comfortable Corner Sofa Sets

L sofa sets that allow you to configure your living space in a proportional form, which can be positioned in vertical or horizontal form, can be easily placed in the most convenient point of your living room. High-density comfort materials and quality fabrics give a comfortable seat feel and offer comfortable seating for everyday use. In corner sofa models, you can easily maintain the backrests and cushions that can be removed. Zippered or velcro cushion fabrics can be practically cleaned and washed. Products with stain resistant fabric are also ideal for daily use.

Enza Home Bed Corner Set Types

Enza Home bed corner sets are comfortable like a high quality bed and can be opened and closed easily. The bed sets, which are opened easily and quickly, can be used daily with its practical mechanism. You can use Enza Home corner sets, which have a very large and spacious seating area, by removing the throw pillows and making them wider. Aesthetic corner sets that allow space without taking up space in small or recessed protruding rooms offer many options for those who prioritize comfort. You can safely leave items such as magazines, phones, books, tablets or laptops on the poufs and coffee tables added to the seat edge and evaluate the areas around the seat in a functional way.

Minimalist and Modern L Sofa Sets

Designed in modular form corner sofa setsoptionally, it can be expanded with different modules. You can create more comfortable and convenient seating areas by adding pieces such as single module, double module, corner module, big beanbag and coffee table beanbag to different ends of the sofa sets. Mayfair, Boogie, Smart and City series corner sofa set models offer high level ergonomics with elegant design details and useful structures. You can use modular sofa sets that draw attention with their modern designs in accordance with your style. You can rearrange the pouf and modular coffee tables according to the current style and layout of the room, thanks to the right or left arm usage options.

Dazzling Fabrics and Vivid Colors Together

All corner sofa models feature a wide variety of fabrics designed to fit your home’s color palette. If the environment of your room is neutral or shaded, you can choose stabilizing shades such as red or blue. On the other hand, you can decorate your light house with sofa sets characterized by pastel tones. If you are looking for luxury L sofa sets for a refined living space; You can take a look at Arte, which stands out with its warm color tones, Norte with earth tones or Netha models that draw attention with its modern and innovative design language. You can give your living room an aesthetic look with a berjer that perfectly integrates the corner sofa set.

The corner sofa set prices may vary according to the features and dimensions of the product. Enza corner seat prices may differ depending on the model, color, accessories, design, fabric, sponge type, skeleton structure and number of modules. You can have the most popular corner sofa set models with Enza Home privileges and you can decorate your room comfortably and aesthetically.